Bathroom Vinyl Tile

Vinyl Tiles for Bathrooms- Best Flooring For Bathrooms

If we say bathroom is the place for getting relaxation then it will not be a wrong statement. Bathrooms must be comfortable and elegant enough in a way to match with your overall esteemed interior decoration of your house and office. is available to help you in remodeling your bathrooms by offering bathroom vinyl tiles in Dubai and all over the Gulf region as one of the leading suppliers.

We ensure that bathroom vinyl tiles are especially designed keeping in view all the aspects that fulfill all the requirements for bathrooms. We have arranged a wide variety of bathroom vinyl tiles as flooring in different textures and patterns in various color schemes. Our wide variety of bathroom vinyl tiles are used in bathrooms of homes, offices, factories, schools, hospitals, clinics, and theatres for giving a glamorous look while bearing a load of heavy foot traffic.   

Considerations for Bathroom Vinyl Tiles Installation

We respect the pocket of our customers by giving them high-quality bathroom vinyl tiles with matchless standards. Our passionate manufacturers always rely on using good quality of raw materials instead of compromising over the quality by using low quality raw materials.

  • Self-Leveling of Bathrooms

Once our customers decide to have our valuable bathroom vinyl tiles in Dubai and all across the gulf region, they can avail the benefit of cost-effective self-leveling of floors prior to the installation of bathroom vinyl tiles. We get this done by using the high-quality of liquid solution that makes the surface flat and creates a smooth way for the installation of tiles

  • Easy Installation

Once the surface of the floor gets flat and smooth then installation of bathroom vinyl tiles are very to install. Our customers who are passionate to design the floors by their own choice can easily install the bathroom vinyl tiles with the help of high adhesive glue. Leveling has been applied already on the floor to disregard the chances of water leakage through seams.  

  • Long Lasting Vinyl Tiles

We feel pride by offering the good bathroom vinyl tiles that can be useful for many years if they are maintained properly. Our hardworking manufacturers are keen to provide the tiles that bear a load heavy wear and tear as our bathroom vinyl tiles are also installed at commercial places. 

  • Easy to Maintain and Cleaning

When it comes to maintenance and purification of our bathroom vinyl tiles, we make sure that it is very easy. Our customers can clean the tiles by simple wet mopping that will keep the surface lustrous for many years. In case of maintenance, our bathroom vinyl tiles can easily be replaced without harming the whole flooring.


Being a top-rated supplier of bathroom vinyl tiles in Dubai and all over the Gulf, our quality is more than mentioned above at very affordable prices. We feel honor that our bathroom vinyl tiles provide safety issues for health in regard of having anti-slipping and hygienic surface.  As they are especially designed for bathrooms, water and moisture do not create problems to the vinyl tiles in bathrooms. We enjoy a lot by printing your provided designs on the vinyl tiles for bathrooms including various textures. Once the product is finalized then it will be delivered at the doorstep of the customers with cost effective installation of bathroom vinyl tiles on their choice.


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