Fireproof Flooring

Fire Vinyl Flooring- A secured flooring solution for your premises

Every person in the world wants to safe his or her valuable assets at any cost in case of serious emergencies like fire. People must be aware about fire proofing assets in order to make their investment resistant against calamities. When it comes to safety of your family, it must be fireproof flooring that provides a real safety against fire and bears the heat to the greater extent. has been working to provide safety to its valuable customers by offering fire proof vinyl flooring in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all across the Gulf region. 

Our fire poof vinyl flooring is manufactured according the proper safety rules and regulations. The performance is measured through conducting various tests by providing different degrees of heat and flames. According to the research, kitchens at homes must have fire proof vinyl flooring because kitchens are catchier to fires. Our e-stores have been offering a wide variety of flame retardant vinyl flooring from decades in various beautiful and unique patterns with bright and sober colors. 

Features of Fire proof vinyl Flooring

Our customer’s believe that we supply them a high quality that make them confident to install our fireproof vinyl flooring and our manufacturers never try to go below the quality. We make sure that our customers enjoy the following features of our esteemed fireproof vinyl flooring.

  • Flooring gets Leveled

This is one of the great facilities that our customers have in order to the installation of fireproof vinyl flooring. If the old concrete floor is not having a flat surface then our offers cost effective self-leveling of floors with high liquid solution which makes the surface level prior to fireproof flooring.

  • Long-Lasting and Durability

When it comes to the life of fireproof vinyl flooring, our customers rely on us by feeling satisfaction that we use natural and synthetic fibers. This feature makes us very prominent for offering incombustible flooring with usage of up to 20 years and gets huge sale volume of fireproof flooring Abu Dhabi and all across the Gulf region.

  • Environment Friendly 

We make sure that our most convenient fire resistant flooring in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is proved as human and environment-friendly. Our inflammable flooring is anti-slippery that provides safety against major injuries, water and moisture resistant, and offers great safety against germs and microbes as they are non-allergic to human skin.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintenance

We make sure that our heatproof vinyl flooring in Dubai and Abu Dhabi provides comfort when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Our customers can make the floorings clean by just dry mopping that makes the flooring clean from all dust and debris. In case of maintenance that is required then our expert service men provide the maintenance with in shortest possible time.

Why Us?

We are a reputable name in the field of flooring especially when it comes to fire resistant vinyl flooring. We ensure that our customers can avail the above mentioned benefits of fire proof flooring along with the customization facility. Our customers are free to provide us their favorite character or flowers or some other designs that we print on the fire proof flooring


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