Hardwood Vinyl Flooring Dubai

What are the key benefits of installing hardwood vinyl flooring?

When it comes to providing your home with the recommended beauty, the core is to place greater emphasis on the flooring solutions selected to be installed. Believing that every home has a different amount of traffic, meaning that some lives alone while the others with both their pets and kids, having hardwood vinyl flooring installed by vinylflooring.ae is a great way to preserve the health of the floor for a long period of time. Our experts are keen to provide both soft and hardwood vinyl flooring installation in areas including hospitals, homes, offices, playgrounds, etc. 

The hardwood vinyl flooring as the name defines is manufactured using the hardwood which could be perceived to be consumed in high traffic areas. Hence, reflecting the appearance of the combination of warmth, beauty, and quality.

Key benefits of hardwood vinyl flooring installation

When it comes to changing up with an effective flooring solution to give your house a completely inspiring appearance, hardwood vinyl flooring is considered to be a great solution. Below are the noticeable benefits;

  • Versatility adds beauty

Unlike other flooring solutions, hardwood vinyl flooring appears to experience the best feedback due to the range of designs and patterns available, especially when the demand is made to measure. Regardless of the style and furniture one has installed in their home, such a flooring solution when personalized adds a finished appearance with the perfect outlook of the entire area.

  • Quality promotes durability

As vinyl is manufactured with a large number of surface coatings, the thickness make them a durable solution. The couple of coatings that take place serves to keep the water away, thereby minimizing the danger of receiving scratches. Hence, a pleasure-seeking flooring solution for high-traffic areas within the home. 

  • Notoriously cheaper

When it comes to taking the price into account, this appears to be the healthiest and cheapest solution in the market for your premises. When customized according to the specification provided by the customers, we not only ensure that the quality is maintained. Instead, we also focus on the design and color. Although it sounds a bit expensive in comparison to those readymade options available, the benefits including the printing by the experts make it among the preferred choices.  

  • Free from mites, mildew, and bacteria

Where the home owner chooses to have their current flooring solution replaced with hardwood vinyl flooring, this appears to be a perfect choice for people who are allergic to dust and bacteria. Such a flooring solution is entirely free from every kind of bacteria as there are no cracks found.

Why vinylflooring.ae?

We are the name in the industry for providing high- quality interior products. The best that our experts offer is self-leveling since we know that finishing of new flooring installation comes with equal flooring. In addition, customer satisfaction is our main focus and this is why we let our expert go visit the customer to gain better understanding of what they require and also offer post- sales services that includes letting them learn how they can clean and maintain the flooring (via use of vacuum and moping) and help it last longer. Such a no noise flooring solution could now be availed at your doorstep with free of cost installation service from the experts


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