Vinyl carpet tiles- Different types of carpet tiles

Vinyl carpet tiles for sale are a kind of carpet tiles, referred to as a must-considerable option when it comes to designing a perfect flooring solution for homes, offices, and other areas. These comprises a high-density piece of vinyl that is utilized to bind the carpet in the pieces of half a meter. Hence, having the ability to withstand the abuse that comes with high-level of traffic with the benefit of cost-effectiveness. At, Vinyl carpet tiles Dubai have been a preferred choice amongst the homeowners, renovators, and the developers. 

Benefits of Vinyl Carpet Tiles

The high popularity of carpet tiles with the benefit of easy to install and pocket-friendly price are demanded to be installed as interior decoration of houses, consumed in hospitals as well as schools. We at ensure that such a flooring solution adds creativity to the property when customized or say made-to-measure. The benefits of vinyl carpet tiles for sale are as follows;

  • Woven 

Vinyl carpet tiles in Dubai are basically woven carpet tiles which are thicker as produced out of hard vinyl and looms. It’s production comprises the utilization of distinctive colored yarns and therefore cost a little bit higher than the other options. Having the specific limit for colors, these tiles turn to be a perfect choice for personal rooms. 

  • Durable

Since the vinyl carpet tiles have the attached vinyl backing, these appears to be much durable with regards to it’s quality. The carpet attached to the tiles do not curl on the corners, thereby assuring the firm support.

  • Simplicity in installation

This has been referred to as one of the greatest benefit when it comes to the installation of the flooring solution. No matter if the installation of tiles is to take place over any hard surface, the process is extremely simple. Alongside being anti-slippery in nature due to the attachment of carpet over the tile, the carpet absorbs the water spilling. Hence, making it a perfect choice for greater water spilling areas. Prior to the installation, our experts ensure that the self-leveling of area takes place so that a finished flooring solution could be achieved.

  • Removes huge cost component

The flooring solution normally gets breakage at any time especially when it is abused by the heavy traffic or if any of the heavy equipment is placed over it. When such a thing happens with vinyl carpet tiles flooring, it could be replaced easily with a similar piece of tile. Hence, saves a huge amount as this does not require complete flooring replacement.


We are the leaders in the industry when it comes to providing the exclusive flooring solutions. From providing the tiles in distinctive patterns, designs, and styles, we are customizing such a graceful flooring solution in distinctive shapes and sizes with an added benefit of installing the traditional carpet and endless design possibilities. The insulating qualities of the carpet attached to the vinyl tiles offered by our experts assist in letting the home stay warmer during the winter. Hence, minimizing the livability costs. The carpet attachment further makes it a noise free solution, offering feet to relax over. We also make sure that the quality our representatives discuss when sharing the idea regarding the flooring at the visit to your property also includes the moisture and bacteria resistant benefit. Our doorstep delivery at the least time along with professional installation service at zero cost is what makes us a preferred choice for our existing and potential customers. 


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