Acoustic Vinyl Flooring-A best solution for reducing noise of floors

In order to making a room, office, school, library, hospitals and theatres a soundproof place, has been working tremendously from decades and achieved a benchmark of top-rated seller when it comes to acoustic vinyl flooring all over the Gulf region.  After applying acoustic vinyl flooring Dubai, noise can be reduced to the minimum level and provide a room where noise of children running and dropping of heavy objects on the floor can be minimized.

Our experienced manufacturers always rely on using high quality of raw materials for the manufacturing of soundproof vinyl flooring Abu Dhabi. We ensure that our vinyl flooring available in soft and hard vinyl with different thicknesses which can be used according to the need. Our e-stores have been serving our customers from many years by offering a wide variety acoustic vinyl flooring in amazing colors with different designs and patterns.


We ensure that our customers can demand our soundproof vinyl flooring for hospitals, libraries, nurseries, clinics and theatres for availing the following benefits. 

  • Leveling the Floor

For the installation of acoustic vinyl flooring tiles or sheets, it is mandatory to level the surface of the floor if it is not leveled. It can also fix the surface of old floors if they are damaged from somewhere by a free-to-flow and high adhesive liquid. Our passionate workers offering the self-leveling of floors after making a visit to the place where acoustic vinyl flooring needs to be installed.

  • Hard Wearing floor

We make sure that our acoustic vinyl floors do not get damaged by heavy foot traffic and they bear easily the load children playing on them with an ability to absorb the sound. We never compromise over the quality and always keen to produce a long-lasting quality that must go for many years.

  • Water and Moisture Resistant 

Our acoustic vinyl floors In Dubai and Abu Dhabi are well known for the water and moisture resistant quality. Our customers are never afraid of spilling of water on our vinyl floor and never get exhausted by moisture on the floor due to humidity.

  • Human-Friendly Flooring

This is also a great benefit of acoustic vinyl flooring that they provide a surface which is non-slippery and saves from various injuries due to slipping. We also make sure that health issues must be taken care and we feel pride that our acoustic vinyl flooring are hygienic and provides human-friendly flooring.

  • Easy to Clean

We ensure that the cleaning and maintenance of our precious acoustic vinyl flooring do not require a lot of time and energy. Our floors will remain neat and fresh by simple mopping and vacuuming regularly.

Why we? is the name of quality in this high-competitive industry, providing an array of flooring solutions at an economical price. Our doorstep delivery along with free of cost installation is what makes us a preferred choice of the majority. Want to avail the best for your home or office? Have the ideas exchanged with our representatives.


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