Commercial Vinyl tiles

Commercial vinyl tile Dubai- Get a reliable flooring for your satisfaction

Commercial places always require a decent and durable decoration in order to make your customers influenced. Vinyl Tile flooring for commercial purpose is the best choice of flooring that provides the grace, beauty and comfort by various features. has been working with latest technologies to meet the modern criteria of official flooring and now achieved the benchmark of one the leading suppliers of commercial vinyl tile in Dubai and all over the Gulf region. 

By using high quality of natural and synthetic polymers, we feel pride that our manufactures are always keen to produce the best quality for the ease of our precious customers. Our vinyl tiles for commercial concern comes in a wide range and our e-stores have been serving to our customers from many years by displaying vinyl tiles in thousands of various textures and patterns available in all bright color schemes.

Types of commercial Vinyl tiles

We make sure that our customers are free to choose any type of vinyl tiles for commercial use.

  • VCT (Vinyl Composite Tiles)
  • LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)

Both of the types of commercial vinyl tiles are very popular in Dubai, but VCT is considered as most demandable due to affordable prices as compared to LVT. 

Features of Commercial vinyl Tiles Flooring

We ensure that our customers always get pleasure by the high quality of vinyl tiles for commercial use and we never try to compromise over the quality. The following features of our commercial vinyl tiles make us prominent among various suppliers. 

  • Easy to Install

Our commercial vinyl tiles have an additional benefit of cost-effective installation of commercial vinyl tiles that we offer to our precious customers. We make sure that the installation of vinyl tiles will not take a long time and it does not create a fuss that can disturb the atmosphere as it normally happens in concrete and marble flooring.

  • Reliability 

We make sure that our commercial vinyl tiles after installation remains fresh and energetic for many years. Vinyl tiles are considered as the most durable material if they are properly installed and maintained in a good way then it can be useful for 15 to 20 years.

  • Friendly Nature

We make sure that our commercial vinyl tiles for flooring have very friendly nature towards human being. These vinyl tiles are observed for reducing noise of footsteps as compared to the other flooring options, provide anti-slippery surface for everyone especially when it comes to children as the slipping may leads to come serious injuries, and do not get damaged by water and moisture as they are available in thick layers that control the water to penetrate.

  • Easy for Cleaning

We ensure that our customers can keep the commercial vinyl tiles flooring purify by simple dry mopping that does not let the dust to stay on it. Wet mopping will not let the stains to remain for long and keeps the surface shiny.

Why Us?

With free of cost installation service and the doorstep delivery, we are proud to offer a range of products that makes us a preferred choice of our targeted audience. Our consumers are keen to demand the customized quality we have been offering for year. Be it a home or office, we at provides the perfection in the flooring solutions. Grab the quality along with the benefit of self-leveling of the floor to admire and enhance the value of the property wherever installed!


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