Cork linoleum flooring

Cork linoleum flooring in Dubai- the flooring you need   

Everyone wishes to have a wonderful interior decoration for homes or offices and when it comes to the decoration of flooring, it is considered as the most graceful part of it. We all know that flooring is one time investment and it must be chosen wisely for a long term use. is the leading supplier of the finest cork linoleum flooring in Dubai and all over the Gulf region. 

Our cork linoleum as flooring is very popular for the biodegradable nature it possesses as it is made up of linseed oil, cork dust, wood flour and some other minerals. We make sure that our naturally manufactured cork linoleum floorings are best reducing sounds and absorbing shocks. Our e-stores are enriched with a wide variety of cork linoleum floorings that are available in amazing colors with various textures, designs and patterns

Features of Cork Linoleum Flooring

We ensure that our passionate manufacturers always rely on high quality natural products for producing amazing and matchless quality of cork linoleum. The following features of our famous cork linoleum flooring are working as the key towards our success. 

  • Getting rid of Unleveled Floor

We make sure that our customers do not get worried if they are facing a problem of floor leveling in order to the installation of cork linoleum flooring. Our customers can avail the cost-effective self-leveling service which is done by high- quality of liquid solution that results in a flat surface

  • Durability and Color Fastness

We ensure that our cork linoleum flooring is remarkably impervious to dents or scratches and proper tight installation will not damage the cork linoleum up to 40 years.  We make sure that the colors and textures on cork linoleum flooring do not fade by washing it daily for many years.

  • Environment- Friendly Nature

We ensure our customers that our most demanding cork linoleum flooring in Dubai is non-allergic and do not create breathing problems for the patients of asthma. Our cork linoleum is anti-static that never keeps dust particles on its surface for a long time and restrains the accumulation of germs by providing anti-bacterial surface.

  • Water and Moisture friendly 

Our cork linoleum flooring will not get damaged by water and moisture due to humidity, if they are installed with taking care of filling all the gaps with sealants. This feature of cork linoleum flooring has increased its demand in the kitchen and washrooms.

  • Easy Care and Maintenance

We make sure that our cork linoleum flooring provides a flat surface that is very simple to purify. A simple dry mopping or vacuuming on daily basis will not let the dust particles to stay on it and often it should receive a simple washing with wet mopping as it will not let the stains to remain on it.


We feel our core responsibility to provide all of the above mentioned benefits at affordable prices as we have been working as a top-choice for cork linoleum floorings in Dubai. We also offer customization facility that includes printing of design that our customers provide us including flowers or other famous comic characters. We offer cork linoleum flooring for the hospital, schools, gyms, offices, factories and theatres with affordable installation service as well.


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