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Essential features of factories vinyl flooring in Dubai

Factories are referred to as the place where different products are manufactured by employing a large number of employees, installation of heavy machineries, using highly toxic chemicals and making the place for keeping heavy inventories. In order to achieve all of the targets smoothly, flooring of the factories must be strong enough that the work continues without any hindrance. Vinylflooring.ae truly take cares of your business and wishes to worth more by offering the finest factories vinyl flooring as one of the leading suppliers in Dubai and all over the Gulf region.

Our factories vinyl flooring in Dubai is made up of using natural and synthetic fibers that suits best for the heavy use and foot traffic. Our expert designers always remain busy when it comes to supplying the unique and trendsetting designs of factories vinyl flooring with special feature providing comfort to the factory owners.  We have made our e-stores enriched with latest and new textures of factories vinyl flooring in various bright and sober color schemes.

Features of Vinyl Flooring for Factories

Our passionate and hardworking manufactures always keen to produce matchless and high quality of vinyl flooring for factories in Dubai without thinking of compromising over the quality. The following features of our innovative factories vinyl flooring are serving as key features toward our success.

  • Best for Heavy Use

We make sure that our vinyl flooring for factories are especially-designed for placing heavy machineries, equipment and heavy foot work of labor and employees. We make sure that our vinyl flooring in factories does not get scratch marks and dents due to thrilling of machines.

  • Old flooring will be Cleared

During construction, concrete floors are mostly left unleveled and it creates problems for placing machineries and equipment. We make sure that our customers can avail the cost-effective self-leveling of floor which is mandatory prior to the installation of vinyl flooring in factories.

  • Long lasting and Durable

As we all know that heavy machineries and equipment are placed once and it is very difficult to move from one place to another. We make sure that our vinyl floorings are installed properly by our expert workers keeping in mind that industrial flooring cannot bear the flooring works again up to 40 years at least. Therefore, vinyl flooring for factories in Dubai are very durable and long lasting.

  • Workplace Safety 

According to the industrial law, proper safety for the workers and employees at workplace is mandatory otherwise it can create some problems. We make sure that our vinyl flooring for factories are slip-resistant as the floors of factory may have chemicals and liquid solutions on it.  We ensure that our vinyl flooring is water and moisture resistant that does not damage the vinyl flooring in factories.

Why we?

For our targeted audience, we are a priority when it comes to finding an exclusive flooring solution for your premises. Alongside offering numerous features, our cost effectiveness, free of cost or minimum cost installation, and doorstep delivery makes our customers gives us preference over the others in the industry. Grab our beautiful flooring solution!


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