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Rubber gym flooring is an excellent alternative to hard tile flooring. It is made from natural or synthetic rubber and is highly durable. Rubber flooring was once just used in places like hospitals and gyms, but its many benefits have caused it to make its way to the everyday person’s home slowly. We are experts in rubber gym flooring. We understand each and every aspect of the product. We pride ourselves in our skills with the product and can guarantee you a very good experience. 

Types of Rubber flooring

There are two primary kinds of rubber flooring:

  • Natural rubber flooring – This is made from natural rubber from the tree
  • Synthetic rubber flooring – This is made from recycled or synthetic materials like car tyres

Gym Flooring

Benefits of Rubber Flooring 


It is not just that the floor is safe from catching fire, but also that it is immune to scorch marks.


Rubber gym flooring is the perfect choice for rooms that are frequently getting wet. It is water-resistant, making it ideal for washrooms and laundry rooms. Mold, mildew, and fungus cannot grow on rubber flooring, making it perfect for damp environments. There is no need to worry about water damage.


A massive benefit of rubber flooring is that it does not release any toxic fumes. It remains a safe alternative to choose from.


It is a very comfortable floor to stand on. Rubber gym flooring is not harsh on the feet, and it also is a safer alternative in case of an accident like falls or trips.


Rubber gym flooring is super easy to wipe and clean—no more worrying about spills, grime, or stains on your floor. Just a simple wipe will do the trick.


Rubber gym flooring is made of materials that are totally sustainable. These materials are naturally occurring or recycled materials, and this reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to the world’s environment.


Disturbances remain to the minimum as rubber flooring can absorb loud noises, and this keeps your overall environment more peaceful and calm.


Rubber gym flooring remains a very safe choice, and its slip-resistant nature decreases and prevents chances of falling. 


Rubber flooring is an extremely durable product. It can last decades. It is real value for money. Since it is so low maintenance, long-lasting, and high quality, it requires very little attention once installed.

Gym Flooring

Why Choose Rubber Flooring from Vinyl Flooring?

Rubber gym flooring needs to be masterfully installed in order for it to function correctly. Furthermore, it is a long-term solution, so you are looking at buying a superior quality product. This is where we come in. In terms of quality and execution, we are the best. Our understanding of the product and the needs of the client remain perfect. We take the time out to carefully check our product and deliver the highest quality. There is no one who has better knowledge, expertise, and commitment than us.  


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