Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Commercial Vinyl Flooring- An easy solution that one may have for flooring at commercial places

Nowadays vinyl flooring for commercial purpose has been very common in lobbies, schools, hospitals, theaters, factories and shops. The reason for adapting vinyl flooring Dubai at commercial places is the bunch of benefits that are offered with the precious commercial vinyl flooring tiles. has always been innovative with latest technologies and now working as one the leading supplier of vinyl flooring Dubai for official use.

We assure that our commercial vinyl flooring Dubai are made up of high quality natural and synthetic polymers. Our expert designers have enriched our e-stores with a wide variety of commercial vinyl flooring in a lot of textures and designs with different color schemes. Our most famous commercial vinyl flooring comes in the following forms. 

  • Commercial Vinyl Sheets
  • Commercial vinyl Tiles

We make sure that our customers must choose the type of vinyl flooring for commercial use in Dubai according to the length of time, maintenance cost and the choice of designs.  It is sure that both of the types of commercial vinyl floorings are made up of high quality raw materials with the ability of bearing a load of heavy foot traffic.

We ensure that the following commercial places are best to have our vinyl flooring tiles.

  • Commercial Kitchens

We ensure that our commercial vinyl flooring tiles are commonly used at kitchens at commercial places due to the economical prices that we offer. We also make sure that the vinyl tiles at public areas are easy to clean and stain resistant along with the slip resistant quality. As different liquids and objects usually drop on the floor but these floorings get cleaned easily.

  • Commercial Bathrooms

When it comes to bathrooms at commercial places, they need cleaning many times in a day and water usually stays on the commercial vinyl flooring tiles. We make sure that our precious flooring are very easy to clean and does not get damaged by the water as the thick layers of vinyl flooring stop water to penetrate.

  • Leisure Centers

We make sure that our commercial vinyl flooring tiles suit best at gyms, pool sides and reception areas. Our flooring provide good grip while walking and running on the commercial vinyl tiles without having the fear of getting slip and meet with severe injuries.

Benefits of Installing Commercial Vinyl Flooring Tiles

  • Cost-Effective Management

We make sure that our vinyl tiles for commercial floorings are easy to replace without affecting the whole floor. 

  • Designs

As our vinyl tiles for commercial use in Dubai are available in different colors and textures, our customers can select various designs to make their own choice

  • Durable and Long Lasting

Due to high quality of raw materials, we feel pride that our commercial vinyl tiles in Dubai remain useful for many years if they receive normal maintenance and purification.


While working as the top choice of the customers, we feel our responsibility to provide matchless quality vinyl flooring for commercial purpose. Our expert workers make a visit to the place and offer self-leveling service at very affordable prices if the old flooring does not have a flat surface. If our customers demand us to print some specific design on the commercial vinyl flooring in Dubai including flowers or sceneries or to mention name of the objects, we love to work for our customers.


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