Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo Flooring By Vinyl Flooring Dubai


When someone walks into a room, the flooring can subconsciously affect their impression of a space. Since the floor takes up so much real estate in any space, good flooring greatly impacts the aesthetic of your home and workspace. And Terrazzo flooring is one solution that can leave a long-lasting impression on your visitors. 

This type of flooring has experienced a renaissance over the last decade and is what architects and designers prefer these days. The speckled and mottled appearance of terrazzo can make any space look elegant, whether it is the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or staircase. 

At Vinyl Flooring Dubai, you will find virtually unlimited color and material options – from marble to quartz, glass, and metal- and extremely hard-wearing and durable materials. Vinyl Flooring Dubai works hard to offer high-quality, low-maintenance terrazzo flooring solutions crafted using fine aggregates and colored resin. With us, you can be assured that your terrazzo floor installation or restoration is in capable hands.

Terrazzo Flooring
  • What Makes Terrazzo Flooring by Vinyl Flooring Dubai An Exquisite Choice? 

    Terrazzo flooring offers everything you can ask for in terms of durability and aesthetics. Terrazzo is versatile and gives you limitless possibilities for designs and color combinations. 

    • Great aesthetics: Terrazzo flooring by Vinyl Flooring Dubai can infuse class and sophistication into your room. When paired with classic or contemporary furnishing, the unique patterns and intricate designs will give your room a dramatic touch. It is just the right thing to amp up your interior subtly. 
    • Strength and Durability: A perfect blend of aesthetics and strength, terrazzo floor ensures a long-lasting flooring solution. Terrazzo floor also has a low water absorption rate, enhancing its life further.


    • Scratch- and Stain-Resistant: The surface of our terrazzo floor will remain the same for many years. This is because the floor has a protective coating, making it resistant to stains, smudges, and scratches. The floor’s surface will remain undamaged even after spills of acids, alkalis, and other chemicals. 
    • Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance: Our terrazzo flooring is very convenient to clean and maintain. With hassle-free cleaning, you can make your living space shine with a spotless finish. This flooring requires a few swipes of a damp cloth or mop. The floor’s finish will not fade after years of wear and tear.

    Eco-Friendly flooring option: Made from marble, quartz, and glass, these materials produce an elegant and unmatched design while being environment-friendly. Moreover, the chances of this flooring emitting any allergens are very minimal.

Terrazzo Flooring
    • Wide variety to choose from: Vinyl Flooring Dubai offers a wide range of terrazzo flooring solutions. You can select the floor that best suits your needs and taste from a distinguished range of colors, patterns, designs, and finishes. 
    • Application Areas: Owing to the versatile design and durability of our terrazzo flooring, you can install it in almost all places. The flooring looks best for your bathrooms, kitchens, or even staircase. Terrazzo flooring can also be on outdoor areas like terraces and balconies. This flooring can complement your interiors beautifully with various patterns and styles, including brick, Versailles, straight and random.

    Experience The Finest Quality Terrazzo Flooring by Vinyl Flooring Dubai 

    With our vast range of terrazzo flooring services, we have accommodated various commercial, domestic, and industrial needs over the years. We offer a comprehensive flooring solution, from site surveys and quotations to full installation of the flooring systems by a team of qualified staff. 

    We offer terrazzo flooring produced with high tolerances of square and thickness and a wide variety of applications. We also customize the composition of our terrazzo flooring to fit our client’s requirements and provide them with a beautiful terrazzo floor that will last through the years.

    The team at Vinyl Flooring Dubai stays up to date about the latest flooring trends and technology. If you are ready to witness the power of beautiful terrazzo floors for yourself, schedule an appointment with us. Our team of professionals will meet with you in the comfort of your home and can help you choose the right floors for your home, commercial or industrial space.


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