Anti-Slip vinyl flooring- A perfect solution for risk free floorings

Flooring is not only the interior decoration of floors, but it is a safer options to choose while walking onto it along with the beauty. It has been observed that due to slipping on floors, serious injuries may take place and create problems for hip-bone or back-bone. understands the situation and has been offering anti-slip vinyl flooring from many years for the safety of precious customers.

Kitchen and washrooms are the areas where chances of slipping are high as water remains on the floor most of the time. This can be prevented by installing the anti-slip vinyl flooring tiles that are best for the kitchen and washrooms. Our e-stores are enriched with a wide variety of slip resistant vinyl flooring for kitchens and washrooms in various colors with unique and beautiful textures and patterns.

Features of Anti-Slip Vinyl Flooring Tiles

We feel pride that our customers enjoy the high quality of vinyl flooring tiles that are slip resistant. Our manufacturers always work hard and never compromise over the quality to maintain our top-rated seller benchmark. The following features need consideration while planning for anti-slip vinyl flooring.  

  • Best floor for Children and Ladies

We make sure that our especially designed anti-slip vinyl flooring tiles are best for the children playing areas, kitchens and washrooms, offices, hospitals and theatres. Housewives and maids usually remain in the kitchen for performing home chores. Our slip resistant vinyl flooring for kitchens and washrooms has high demand all across the Gulf region.

  • Leveling issue will be resolved

Once our customers decide to have installation of our valuable anti-slip vinyl flooring tiles, old concrete flooring will be self-leveled at very economical prices. Our expert workers complete this task of self-leveling of floors with high liquid solution that provides a flat surface.

  • Alternate of Original Wood

We ensure that our anti-slippery vinyl flooring for kitchen and washrooms are also available in wooden textures for the people who love original wood. The best feature is that water and moisture due to humidity do not create problems for the vinyl floorings.

  • Will Remain Usable for a Long Time

We ensure that our anti-slip vinyl flooring tiles are manufactured through an extensive research for making our floorings usable for many years. The high-quality raw materials that we use in manufacturing of anti-slip vinyl flooring for kitchens and washrooms provide a real comfort to the customers by installing our flooring.

  • Easy to Maintain

This is the great source of joy for the customers that our ant-slippery vinyl flooring is very to cleaning.  Our customers can maintain the purification level by simple mopping on daily basis and vacuuming the floors when required.

Why US?

Along with the above discussed features, also takes credit by offering a hygienic and bacteria free anti-slippery vinyl flooring for kitchen and washrooms. We also offer customized anti-slippery vinyl flooring tiles in which we print the designs that our customers provide us including flowers or mentioning the name of objects in tiles. We are offering high-quality of anti-slippery vinyl flooring at very economical prices that can be afford by anyone with cost-effective installation service as well.


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