Premium Quality Floorings 

Vinylflooring.ae is one the leading manufacturers and well-reputed suppliers of various options for flooring in Dubai and all across the Gulf region. Concrete floorings need a flat, shiny and easy to walk surface over it in homes, offices and everywhere. Our expert flooring contractors in Dubai are always eager to help our customers for the satisfaction of their flooring needs.

Our especially designed flooring have various options that vinylflooring.ae has been offering from decades as a best flooring company. We make sure that our customers enjoy the matchless quality and designs which are never compromised at any cost. Our e-stores are enriched with wide variety of flooring and complete details for installing procedure of different flooring materials.

Benefits of having Flooring 

When it comes to the various benefits of flooring , we enjoy to provide a lot of comfort and grace to the places where our flooring contractors are working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Once the people decided to have our flooring, the following long time benefits will serve them.

  • Various Types Of flooring

As one of the leading suppliers of flooring , we are offering various flooring options in different materials at very economical prices. Through an extensive research, we have introduced specific flooring options for kitchens, bathrooms, halls, schools, offices, factories and sports. We make sure that versatility of materials in numerous bright and sober colors with various themes and patterns on floors.

  • Long Lasting and Durability

We make sure that all of our high-quality flooring materials last for a long time and remains fresh and energetic if they are cared properly. Our flooring company in Dubai and all over the Gulf region provide best flooring materials with water and moisture resistant qualities and provide a slipping free flooring materials.

  • Self-Leveling of Concrete Floors

This is one of the most popular benefits of installing floorings. Our expert and aesthetic representatives will examine the place and offer cost-effective self-leveling of old concrete floors before applying flooring. This can be done by highly adhesive free-to-flow liquid that is poured on the floor and it automatically reaches to every corner equally.

  • Environment-Friendly Flooring

We ensure that our various flooring options are manufactured with a view of providing hygienic and anti-bacterial flooring atmosphere. At homes most of the children remain without slippers and while walking or sitting on our flooring, we assure that it will not harm the skin.

  • Easy to Clean

We make sure that our flooring company in Dubai offer easy to clean and maintain flooring materials. Our flooring needs simple dry mopping at regular basis to get rid of dust and microbes. A damp mopping will keep the surface of flooring shiny and stains will no longer remain on flooring .

Why Choose Us ?

We are a one-stop solution to your flooring needs and widely recognized as vinylflooring.ae. We are among those preferred suppliers in the industry who are asked to visit the premises where the need for installation takes place. Alongside sharing of ideas keeping in mind and noticing the traffic to the premises, we make sure that the solution we offer is equal to the measurement demanded. Our doorstep delivery, free of cost installation and post-sales maintenance tips is what makes our targeted audience chose us among those many.


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